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Here I am describing about some extremely useful twitter related tools for you. Read and check all. After reading, don't forget to follow me on Twitter. Please copy the URL given here and paste in another browser window to visit those sites. ( sorry to say that, I have disabled links to other sites due to Crawling features)


1. RevTwt ( Click here & join)

Make handsome income with this. Very easy to signup and I have described about this in my post

2. Twitter Follower ( ) This is an excellent product from John Chow. Just ‘Signup’. Don't forget to update your Twitter account Username and Password while every ‘Login’. After login, look to the list, find many twitter accounts that are listed with ‘Follow’ button. You can Follow the desired profile that matches your subjects of interest. The biggest advantage is that you are automatically followed when you follow anyone.

3. TwitterCounter ( ) Super hit twitter tool. Login using Twitter Account username and password once. Later you can see the performance of your Twitter Account for the last three months. You may Tweet the Follower count in Twitter automatically using this tool. Don’t forget to keep a ‘Twitter follower counter’ or remote Tweet counter ( you can see Remote Tweet Counter) in this blog). You can find more Twitter profiles related to your blog subject in this site.

4. Friend Or Follow ( ) This help you to check who is not following you after you follow them and you can also see who are your followers that you miss to follow them back.

5. TwitterFeed ( ) You can bring more traffic to your blog posts by publishing it on your twitter, you can feed your twitter by your blog RSS.Twitterfeed can post directly to twitter,, custom laconica installations, and via, simultaneously to the many platforms supported by these services

6. TweetLater ( )TweetLater help you to automate your Twitter tasks like following instantly your new followers or send Direct Messages thanking them for the follow or sending replies

7. TweetValue ( ) Check your Twitter value or you can sell your twitter account here

8. TwitPic ( ) Use TwitPic to tweet photos in your Twitter

9. Greetter ( ) Use Greetter to tweet photos and videos in your twitter

10. BubbleTweet ( Add video to your twitter page, enjoy

11. Tweetbrain ( )Brains waiting for your Tweets

12. Twitbuttons ( )Add beautiful badges of Twitter from this site and keep in your blog

13. Twittericon ( )Those who don't like Twitbuttons, may try this site to get more Twitter badge for your blog.

14. TwitterKarma ( )Use this beautiful size to know who is following you, whom you follow, and who is your mutual friend. Later you can either bulk follow them or bulk unfollow them. You had to login( Whack) using twitter account username and password

15. Twittere.pen..( This tool is something naughty.. We don't like to describe about this..You can view and decide whether to use this or not.

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