Installation of ClipShare 4.1  

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Installation and Configuration Instructions:

  1. Extract the distribution zip file containing the script.

  2. Create a new MySQL database for ClipShare and import the dump file /sql/clipshare.sql using PHPMyAdmin. This will create and populate all DB tables.

  3. Open /upload/cgi-bin/ using any text editor and edit the following variable:

    my $TEMP_DIR = '/home/user/public_html/tmp/uploader/';
    This is the full path to where the /tmp/uploader/ folder will be located on the server. Keep ending slash.

  4. Open /upload/include/config.local.php using any text editor and edit the following variables:

    $config['site_name'] = 'My Site';
    Your web site name.

    $config['BASE_URL'] = '';
    This is the URL where the script is installed. No ending slash.

    $DBTYPE = 'mysql';
    Database type, no need to change.

    $DBHOST = 'localhost';
    Database host or IP, in most cases "localhost"

    $DBUSER = 'database_user';

    Database user. Please make sure that this database user has FULL permissions over the ClipShare database.

    $DBPASSWORD = 'password';
    The password of the above database user.

    $DBNAME = 'database_name';
    Database name used for ClipShare.

  5. Optional: Edit /upload/include/language.php to remove / add language files.

  6. Upload all files and folders inside the /upload folder in the root directory or a subdirectory on your server, by FTP, in BINARY mode.

  7. Set write permissions (chmod 777) to the following folders:


  8. Set execute permissions (chmod 755) to /cgi-bin and /cgi-bin/

  9. Access your ClipShare Administration Panel at: (Default admin user: admin and password: admin)

    - Change the admin user / password !!
    - Change the site name, email, meta keywords, description, etc
    - Optional: change different settings
    - Create channels
    - Add your advertising
    - You can check if all requirements and configurations are met on the "System Check" page

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