Google optimizes search results for smartphones  

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 Google made optimizations on its search engine results for Android and iPhone. The result pages fit perfectly to the screens of all Android-based and Apple devices and load much faster. Currently the changes are available only in English.

Apple and Google Android devices are welcomed to use the new search results optimizations of the Google powerful search engine. There is no longer need of zooming or scrolling side-to-side, because the pages fit to the specific phones' screens. Also touch-friendly buttons and an option for expandable maps are available for users convenience.


All these optimizations are currently available only in U.S. English. iPhone and iPod touch devices need firmware 2.x to take advantage of the new Google functions. Anyway if you want to use the old-fashion view, there's always the "Classic" link at the bottom of every page



Download YouTube Videos With Ease  

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kickyoutubeDownloading YouTube videos isn’t a feature supported natively by the site: copyright issues are the likely reason. And yet, often we find ourselves wanting to download a great video to our desktops for remixing or offline viewing.

KickYouTube serves up an elegantly simple solution: simply go to the YouTube video you’d like to download and insert the word “kick” at the start of the URL. The final url would look something like, and options to download the clip are provided at the top of the page.

You don’t need me to tell you that having YouTube in your URL is blatant trademark infringement, however, so don’t expect this method to work for long. For more solutions, try our list of 20 ways to download YouTube videos…most of which have avoided the wrath of Google’s lawyers.



20+ Greasemonkey Scripts for Improving Your YouTube Experience  

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YouTube LogoOdds are if you access the Internet, you visit YouTube. But aren’t there some things you’d like to change about it? Maybe stopping the autoplay feature or only finding HD clips? Well, this collection of over 20 Greasemonkey scripts can completely change your user experience at the popular video sharing site!

What are your favorite Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube?


BetterTube - With support for over 50 sites, this script will allow you to see embed-disabled videos, download to various services, and more.

Coralized-YouTube - Uses the Coral Content Distribution Network to cache videos and speed up their loading on your system.

Download ANY Video from YouTube - This will add a link to any YouTube page allowing you to download the video as an MP4 file.

loopy for youtube

Loopy for YouTube - Adds a button below a video that lets you loop the video as many times as you like, so it’s perfect for that infectious song you can’t get out of your head.

Play YouTube videos in full screen auto - This script will automatically open YouTube videos into full screen mode, completely bypassing the stand alone page.

Thumbs2Links - Allows you to click on “Get direct links!” from any video index page and begin downloading all of those videos without having to go to individual pages.

Video Focus - Allows you to watch videos without the distractions of chats, comments, ads and so on, while also giving you the ability to resize videos, customize the background color, center the video on the page and more. Works with dozens of different video sites.

Videoembed - Videoembed works with over 40 video sharing sites so that if you are on a page with a link to their videos, it will automatically bring up the video on the page you are viewing as if it was embedded. Saves you the time and bother of going to YouTube just to get Rick Rolled.

YousableTubeFix - A good all-in-one script that blocks ads from the sections you want, lets you download videos into several formats, automatically expand the “More” section, see all comments at once and more.

youtube alt video player

YouTube Alternate Video Player - Replaces the standard YouTube flash player with the FlowPlayer player.

YouTube better embed - Cleans up the embed code for YouTube videos to be used on other sites.

YouTube Cleaner - Helps you clean up the appearance of the YouTube video pages by removing the comments, related videos, promoted videos, sharing information and footer. Also allows you to restore them instantly if you should choose to do so.

YouTube Enhancer - Assists with downloading videos you wish to keep, giving you the ability to buffer with autoplay turned off, rollover previews and several media controller options.

YouTube Googler - YouTube Googler allows you to have more control over how a YouTube page is presented to you. You can resize the video, prevent autoplay, and reorder items in the sidebar.

YouTube HD Suite - Adds icons to your YouTube searches to show you which videos are available as HD and MP4, and then provides you with links inside each for downloading in the quality you want.

YouTube HQ + 720p - This script will seek out the highest quality version of a video and load it via Ajax so that there is no need for the whole page to reload. Also adds in the ability to turn autoplay on and off, change the video player color and so on.

YouTube “Lights Out” - Gives you a light bulb icon so you can turn off the “lights” and darken the background for easier enjoyment of your video.


YouTube Lyrics - This handy little script can search up to 11 sites for the lyrics to the song you are watching a video of. Words are added in a box in the YouTube sidebar under the video information.

YouTube Prevent Autoplay - While several other scripts have the ability to turn off the autoplay feature, if that is the only feature you want, this is the script for you.

YouTube - Previews, click-to-play, download, no flash, 16:9 - Gives you previews for three different sections of the video, uses alternate video player for higher quality clips, adds a download button and more.

YouTubr - Allows you to watch a YouTube video associated with a Flickr image right on the Flickr page.



The report of these link units is not exaggerated  

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I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of data. I look at my own reports frequently and use channels to track the performance of individual pages and ad units so I can optimize my AdSense experience.

I'm also a fan of AdSense for content link units. As we've mentioned before, these units pack a big punch while conserving your screen real estate and can be a great addition to a page that's already using one of our many other products. We've also been doing a lot of work lately to improve the targeting of link units.

This is why I'm happy to announce that my two loves are now coming together. As of today, we've enhanced your reports so that you can view the performance of link units separately from your other AdSense for content units. Even better, the link unit-specific reports contain more information about your link units. A lot of publishers have been asking us for more statistics on their link units, such as the per-link CTR and the number of click-throughs to the link units results page.

To view your new, improved reports, visit the Advanced Reports page under your Reports tab and select AdSense for content. You'll notice a new option to customize your reports -- 'Choose Units'. A 'Combined' report will look just like the data you're used to seeing in your AdSense for content reports, while choosing 'Ad Units' or 'Link Units' will help you look at things with more granularity.

Please note that data is only available dating back to May 2007. Right now, we're having a little issue where, if you generate a report with a date range starting any earlier than May 2007, our report won't show any data, even if there is data after May 2007. Rest assured that our engineers are aware of the issue and are working to display all available data even if the date range starts before May 2007.

Remember, you're allowed to put up to three link units on any given page in addition to your three regular ad units. With better reporting and improved performance, now is the perfect time to start using link units if you aren't already.



Seeing clicks but no revenue?  

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Have you ever checked your reports and noticed that you have clicks reported, but no revenue? We'd like to explain why this may happen, as we frequently receive emails and questions on our Help Forum about this issue. What you're seeing may be due to one of the following:
  1. Allowed Sites setup

    The Allowed Sites feature allows you to specify a list of sites where ads from your account may be displayed. If you're using this feature, you'll need to make sure that you've listed all sites where you'd like to display your AdSense ad code.

    To check if this is the case, log into your account and visit the 'Allowed Sites' page under your AdSense Setup tab. If the radio button 'Allow any site to show ads for my account ' is populated, you're not being affected by this issue, and you should continue to #2 below. However, if 'Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account' is populated, review the list of sites in the box below -- are all the sites you own listed in this box? If the answer is 'no', you won't be credited for clicks on the missing sites. Please be sure to add all of the sites where you'd like to display your AdSense ad code.

    We've noticed some confusion among publishers who have entered the sites of advertisers they'd like to see on their pages into the Allowed Sites list. Please know that this is not the case, as it's not possible to request ads for a particular page - the sites you enter into this box can only be sites where your ads can be placed.

  2. Invalid clicks

    It's possible that you have some clicks that our monitoring system has considered to be invalid. As we've mentioned before, we monitor all clicks and impressions on Google ads for any activity that may artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Any clicks that our system considers invalid will still appear on your 'Overview' page, under the Reports tab. However, because our advertisers aren't charged for these clicks and impressions, we won't show the earnings for this activity. If you're concerned about suspicious activity in your account, we recommend reviewing your site's logs and letting us know about the situation.

    Rest assured that AdSense accounts are properly credited for all clicks and impressions we consider to be valid. We'll post your finalized earnings for a given month on your 'Payment History' page during the first week of the following month. For more information about invalid clicks, please review our Help Center.



Make a date with data in Google Analytics  

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Here in AdSense, we’re big on data. From spreadsheets and graphs to weekly reports and metrics, we constantly turn to numbers when running our business. In a similar vein, we've heard your requests for more data to help you run your AdSense websites, which is why we’re excited to announce the integration of one of our personal favorite reporting tools, Google Analytics, with AdSense. We're gradually rolling out this functionality to publishers, and you'll see an invitation link at the top of your 'Overview' and 'Advanced Reports' pages when it's been enabled for your account.

By integrating your AdSense account with a new or existing Analytics account, you’ll have access to in-depth reports about user activity on your site. In addition to the wealth of metrics already available in Analytics such as unique visitors and visitor language, you'll now have access to granular reports that break down AdSense performance both by page and by referring site. Armed with this new data about user behavior, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on how to improve the user experience on your site and optimize your AdSense units to increase your revenue potential.

We've highlighted a few ways to use the integrated metrics below, but we encourage you to be creative! Come up with your own to discover how useful (and fun) new data can be:
  • Discover untapped markets. Use the geographies report to determine which regions are under-represented in your site’s user base. Optimize your site’s content to attract more of these under-represented users.
  • Drive high-earning traffic to your site. Use the 'Referring sites' report to determine where the users who are making you the most money are coming from. Focus your efforts on getting traffic from these sources.
  • Delve deeper into AdSense reports. Use the visualization feature to look at trends in your site's AdSense performance over time, or by time of day.



Cristiano Ronaldo Is World Player Of The Year  

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Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen as the FIFA World Player of the Year in a grand reception held in Switzerland. The award marks the end of a streak of top soccer honours being given to the Portuguese star for 2008.

Cristiano Ronaldo 1 2 3

“It is an overwhelming moment, a very special moment in my life,” Ronaldo said. “I would like to say to my mother and sister that the fireworks can be fired off now.

It is a dream for me to get this prize because I want to bring the team and my country forward.”

Ronaldo is only the first Premier League player to receive the 18-year old award. His win didn’t surprise anyone as he was the top favourite, mainly because of the exceptional performance he showed in Manchester United’s both EPL and Champions League triumphs last season.

He got 935 votes from the national team coaches and players from all the participating countries. Other finalists were Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, Liverpool striker Fernando Torres and last year’s winner Brazilian midfielder Kaka.

In the women’s category, Brazilian striker Marta got the coveted honour for the third straight year.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2 1 2 Cristiano Ronaldo 3 1 2 3





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