Make $65 with just one click ! The True AFF !  

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Make $65 with just one click

How would you like to earn $65 (yes, that is 65 dollars) with just one click?

I'm sure you are wondering if this is some kind of scam, MLM or pyramid system where you send/spend a lot of money and get a lot of BIG BUCKS promises... Well, it's not! It is a 100% real and pure money opportunity for everyone to earn $65 dollars with one click!

So what is it and how can you earn the money? Where do you need to click?

We are talking about the Lunar Pages affiliate program. You most likely heard about Lunar Pages, they are one of the best and well known hosting providers, with literally millions of pages hosted on their servers. These days everyone wants to go global and the best way to do that is create a website. Any website needs a cheap and reliable hosting server, so here is where Lunar Pages comes into the equation: they offer the hosting package, whether a cheap startup one, or even dedicated servers for professional web applications ...

OK, so far so good. It's time to earn your $65 dollars. To do that, you just have to Sign up as a Lunar Pages affiliate (which is FREE and takes about 2 minutes), then visit their banner pages, get the one you like and put it on your site! If someone clicks the banner on your site and registers for a hosting package with Lunar Pages, you earn $65 dollars with just ONE CLICK! It's that simple!

But wait, there's more! For each person that buys a hosting package from Lunar Pages you earn $65. 10 persons = $650, 100 persons = $6500!!! You don't have to do anything but keep your site up and running and get more people to see your Lunar Pages banner!

And it goes even further! You can refer other people to the Affiliate program, and for every $65 they make, you make $5!

So, with the Lunar Pages Affiliate Program, you get:

* $65 base commission rate
* $5 2nd tier commissions
* ready made banners
* a unique, close-knit staff
* incentives and commission raises at 100 referrals/month!
* tailored landing pages at 150 referrals/month

Below you can find some sample banners and also in the right sidebar of my blog I have already posted my banner. So what are you waiting for? Click here and start making money in no time! Remember, you can make $65 dollars with just ONE CLICK!



Web Applications - Config, Tips & Tricks  

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>> Tip to Auto Play

Click to a sound link > Here < , after copy the code, you see AutoPlay=no

-> If I want it auto play, change AutoPlay=Yes

- This tip can config on other sites with a lot changes.
- Other links after href="" you can change it direct to your link.

>> TIP to download
Some websites manage music by Playlist. E.x:, ... You can find a direct link and download it easy with these steps:

Step1: Connect to music links. E.x: I connect to this link: "VietKim99-MP3"
Step2: Click to "Add to QuickList" button to Add any files that you want to Listen
Step3: Click to "Listen to PlayList" to listen all that files
Step4: Each time you select another song (files) IDM (Internet download manager) will detect the direct link and automatic download that song for you !!!
Enjoy IT, that's a perfect TIP I found.

>> Hide Online Status
In Yahoo! Messenger, you can option to hide your online Status by this TIP:
Connect to this link:, type id and password to signin
Check to "Check the box to hide my online status (online) from other users"
P.S: If you have a nick like fpt01 in Y!M, your profile is

>> Edit in BlogSpot (Blogger)
If you can see pencil icon (Quick Edit icon) in your blog edit page, to enable it, you can use these TIPS:
- Click to DashBoard > Posts > Edit
- Log out (turn off) your browser > Log in (turn on) your browser again.
- Type something in "Search blog" box > Enter to Search

>> Copy text from Image
Select that Image > Ctrl+C > Open notepad.exe or winword.exe > Ctrl+V

>> Enable DIRECT LINK to Download
When we're download from websites, you can add some characters (Number and Text) to the end of that address will make you a DIRECT LINK to download.

Example 1: I want to download RatioMaker application from this address: -> I must wait some seconds before download.
But, if I add "&skip=true" to the end, the file will enable to download immediatly !

Example 2:
Default link:
Added link:

Enjoy IT ! You can use these TIPS with other websites !!!

>> Read all links in website via google search
Connect to > Type in the search box any site you want to read. E.x, I type:
site: -> See all links in that website.
Or, you can type from Address bar this link, after that Enter (Go):
Change with any site you want to read via google search !

>> TIP to Protect Virus
Transfer your file via Yahoo Mail, it will protect by Symantec

>> Connect to a PC
If you can't connect to a Sharing Folder in your LAN, you can use this TIP:
- Click to "Local Area Connection" and Install > Protocol > NWLINK IPX ...
- Connect via IP (not PC name). E.x: You can't connect to file://PC1/Share1, but you can connect to that folder with: file://

Start > Run > Type REGEDIT and Press OK or Enter > Open to this KEY:
HKEY_USERS\Control Panel\.Default\Keyboard
Add this key: InitialKeyboardIndicators (String Value). Modify it to 2.
Note: Value 0 = Turn Off.

>>Increase volume Thousands of MP3 Files
Use MP3Gain. Download here



TimBaland - The Way I Are  

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1. "The Way I Are" (feat Keri Hilson - radio)
2. "Give To Me (Laugh At Em)" (feat Justin Timberlake & Jay Z - remix)
3. Timbaland vs Nephew - "The Way I Are" (feat Keri Hilson & DOE)
4. "The Way I Are" (video)

More info


More Hot Music, Videos Here:



Most wanted AUDIO & VIDEO Tools  

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Audio Tools - Edit, Fix, Cut, Join ... with all audio files.
If you download & run these Full Apps, your PC like a Theatre ?! Yes !!!

Only 1 tool can make the sound in your PC be louder !!!

1. Sony Soundforge
Homepage :: Install file :: "Add-on"

2. Windows Media Player Codec All In One
Homepage :: Download

3. K-lite Codec Pack Full
Homepage :: Dowload

4. DirectX9
Homepage :: Download



Hack a firewall using reverse telnet  

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There are hundreds of legitimate reasons a network administrator would need to remotely execute commands. The following techniques can be used to change server settings, set backups, check security logs or any other task you can do via the command prompt.

This video shows two very simple and well documented tools for remote execution; PSEXEC.EXE and NC.EXE PSEXEC.EXE can be used to set up a PSexec connection and NC.EXE can be used to create a Reverse Telnet connection. Reverse Telnet can connect to a remote system even if the firewall is on with all incoming ports blocked.

You should be aware that even thought these are legitimate tools, most antivirus programs will flag these files because they have been abused in the past. It is important to note that Tasklist and taskkill can run on remote systems without PSexec.exe. I only used these commands with psexec.exe as an example.

Old School Style.





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