Just Launched - Huge Monthly Commissions  

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We have just launched a new Traffic Exchange. It would be great to have you onboard. We offer monthly and yearly commissions on upgraded referrals plus commissions on credit purchases. Our Top Promoters have already earned several hundred dollars in the first launch week. Make sure you signup here and let your subscribers know about this amazing program.

Important Anouncement

We will have to do several changes at the AutoPilotCashStreams website that will happen within the next 48 hours. Unfortunately we had a little issue with PayPal (like many big marketers) and they limited Guidos account until we remove the paypal buttons from 2 of his websites.

Well, the AutoPilotCashStreams website is one of them... for some reason PayPal does not like our concept of automated income. There is nothing we can do against this... PayPal says something and you gotta do it...

But no worries, all we need to do is make some minor changes to our concept... and we will do it in a way that will benefit you.

Cange 1

The offers that our upgraded contributors can add to the website will need to be changed a little bit. Instead of adding our paypal button to these, you will have to insert links in these pages that lead to your sales page. This means you will get 100% commission from these sales. It also means that you can add any kind of pre-sale page (please no MLM or other crazy stuff)... for example you could add a pre-sale page for a clickbank product or a pre-sale page for a membership site... whatever you can think of. The links in those offer pages need to carry the attribute target="_blank" so that they open in a new window.

Change 2:

The offer for upgrading members accounts will stay there but we will do these totally different. Basically we will offer an upgraded account as a bonus for purchasing a clickbank product. People can choose from different products and then give us their payment confirmation through our support center.

That is all... 2 little changes. You will still receive $13 for each upgraded member or contributor.

Oh, for those of you who worry about paying out commissions... We have half of the money in Reeds account which is still active and we will pay out all commissions on August 15th.

Alright, so let us get to work and get these little changes done. We would like to ask all upgraded contributors to add a link at the end of their offer pages... the link should go to Your sales page or membership signup page, or clickbank sales page etc. Make sure that the link opens in a new window. You can do that by adding target="_blank" into your link code.

Guido Nussbaum & Reed Floren

Contributor Referral Contest Results

The Pre-Launch was awesome and we want to thank all contributors for putting so much time and effort into promoting the AutoPilotCashStreams website. We have grown much faster than expected and with more than 5000 activated contributors and 600+ submitted gifts, this has grown to the biggest Giveaway Event that has ever happened.

Our Top Contributors are just awesome and they have well earned their Content prizes... see below.

Pos. 1: $500 - Michael Badger with 579 confirmed signups

Pos. 2: $300 - Todd Gross with 389 confirmed signups

Pos. 3: $100 - Paul Kinder with 348 confirmed signups

Pos. 4: $50 - Derrick VanDyke with 300 confirmed signups

Pos. 5: $25 - Corey Lewis with 168 confirmed signups

Pos. 6: $25 - Mike Mazzella with 145 confirmed signups

Congratulations! You guys rock!

Guido Nussbaum & Reed Floren

Huge Contributor Signup Contest

We have decided to start this huge contributor signup contest. The page is converting very well for contributor upgrades... currently at above 20%. So it is only common sense to put all our effort into promoting this site. Remember, you make on-going cash from the products that we promote to your signups... plus the upgrade commission... plus the commission for rotating offer sales... plus the extra signups that you get through your list...

The contest is huge... we give away $1000 in cash!

Everything is based on the positioning on the Leader Board. Reed and Guido do not count for this contest even though they appear on the Leader Board. The contest started with Pre-Launch and ends when we launch on August 1-st.

Pos. 1: $500

Pos. 2: $300

Pos. 3: $100

Pos. 4: $50

Pos. 5: $25

Pos. 6: $25



Build Your Own Software Empire In Just Minutes!  

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I'm sure you should have heard all the talk about viral marketing and the wonders it can possibly do for your online business.And I have a special gift for you today which will take viral marketing to the next level. I'm going to hand you the chance to grab over a DOZEN cash-producing and top-notch software that you can rebrand with your own website and affiliate links. It used to cost $27/month for access, but today... You get it for F-R-E-E!

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With the "IM Buzz Software" membership, you receive one rebrandable software every month
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choice.In other words, even if you know nuts about programming, you can well have your own
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be able to do with your own *viral software*:

==> Rebrand over a dozen different software
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==> Profit by selling the software at full
market value and earn the full amount.

==> Give the rebranded software, loaded with
your website links, away for f.ree as a lead
generator and watch your list EXPLODE.

==> Present yourself as a valuable resource to
new website visitors and past customers/readers.
(and make them your raving fans!)

==> Collect hefty commissions & sales daily when
others click on your banners & text links inside
the software and purchases.

==> Experience a surge in traffic once your
software makes it's way across the Internet...
and users of the software see your websites
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And much much more!

You really need to check this out for
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This awesome "IM Buzz Software" membership
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This is honestly one revolutionary site which
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So be sure not to be left out while everyone
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>> http://www.imbuzzsoftware.com/?afid=12710

To your success,

S.M. Towhiduzzaman

P.S. Remember, slots are highly limited and they
are fast getting snapped up. So don't hate yourself
for missing out!

Check it out now:

>> http://www.imbuzzsoftware.com/?afid=12710

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