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Many of my readers asked for some new emerging successful ways to make money from blogs and here I'm explaining one online income opportunity through Twitter. I humbly request If anyone have previous experience, either good or bad, please share with the readers here. My aim is to introduce new effective ways to my readers and help them to make money by blogging.

What is Twitter?

Do I need to describe about Twitter? Everyone knows about Twitter, the most popular micro blogging service in blogosphere.Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Me are some of the major personalities actively present in Twitter. You can express your ideas in short sentences or you can bring the attention of your articles by posting them with short description in Twitter. These short posts with or without link to pages are called Tweets.Now a days, people are eagerly watching tweets from their friends, followers and other participants. The way of Twitter is simple, set up a profile, add a link to your web site, add a photo and short bio. If you want to develop your business through tweets, then you should customize your background to match your branding.

How to make money from Twitter?

Step A ( If you have a Twitter account, jump to Step B)

Make a twitter account at It is very easy to signup using an active email. Don't forget to add a photo, short bio in your profile. Your twitter account will look like this,

Step B

Once you have your twitter account, Click here on Capture and signup. This service provides advertisements that can be automatically distributed through your Twitter account. People who are waiting for your Tweets will click on these advertisements and you will get handsome money. I mean Pay Per Click. This program work same like Google Adsense. The more clicks on your broadcasted advertisements, the more you get revenue. The referral program also help you to make excellent revenue.

Things you should remember while signup on this program:

  • Give your Twitter account name and Password so that advertisements are automatically broadcasted in Twitter. You can schedule these broadcasts also.
  • Don't forget to give your PayPal email so that your revenue will reach your PayPal account safely.
  • Don't forget to grab a banner for your blog so that the visitors in your blog can signup using that. ( they offer excellent commission for each referral )
  • Your blog need much traffic in order to get revenue from Google Adsense. But, REVTWT can bring more revenue to you if you have a Twitter account with maximum number of followers



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