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The program is meant for the recovery of passwords from hashes of different types, utilizing the power of GPU, which enables reaching truly extreme attack speed:

Hashing module Average speed (with NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS)
MD5 - 270 million p/s
MySQL - 620 million p/s
MD4 - 390 million p/s
NTLM - 320 million p/s
SHA-1 - 70 million p/s
MySQL5 - 38 million p/s
Domain Cached Credentials - 160 million p/s
md5(md5($pass)) - 110 million p/s
md5($pass.$salt) - 165 million p/s
md5($salt.$pass) - 155 million p/s
md5(md5($pass).$salt) - 100 million p/s
md5(md5($salt).$pass) - 155 million p/s
md5($salt.$pass.$salt) - 115 million p/s
md5($salt.md5($pass)) - 55 million p/s
md5(md5($salt).md5($pass)) - 75 million p/s
md5(md5($pass).md5($salt)) - 75 million p/s
sha1($username.$pass) - 40 million p/s
DES(Unix) - 1 million p/s

Number of non-salted hashes the program can handle simultaneously: 500000.
Number of salted hashes the program can handle simultaneously: 100.

To launch the program, pass the following command-line parameters to it:

1. Name of the INI file with attack settings (minimal and maximal password length, character set to be used, etc.)
This parameter is not mandatory, since by default each EXE module uses the INI file with the name identical to the module name (for instance, MD5.exe will use settings from the MD5.ini file available in the program setup file).
However, you can create several INI files with different attack parameters and feed them to the program one after another.

2. Name of the text file with hashes. The format of hash lines to be observed: "one line = one hash". The program setup file includes evaluation files with hash samples. This parameter is mandatory.

INI File Parameters
MinLength – minimal length of passwords searched. Available values range from 0 through 15 characters; the default value is 3 characters.

MaxLength – maximal length of passwords searched. Available values range from 1 through 15 characters; the default value is 8 characters.

CharacterSet – character set to be used for the attack. The following standard character sets are supported:
?d – 0123456789
?l – abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
?s – !@#$%^&*()`~-_=+\|[]{};:'",.?<>/?
You can also set your own character set (for example, "qwertyuiop") or set a combination of the standard character sets and your custom character set; for example:
Default character set – ?l?d.

PasswordsInThread – number of passwords to be processed in a single thread (1...30000); the default value is 6000 passwords. To decrease the GPU load, you can decrease this value.
In this case, the search speed will drop slightly, but on the other hand the computer won't drag on working with other applications.
And the other way around – increasing of this parameter will put the greatest load on the video card, which will increase the attack speed, at the same time slowing down other applications.

LastPassword – this parameter stores last processed password. Therefore, when the program is launched again, the attack will resume from that password. Thus, in order to start the attack all over, you will need to drop the value in this parameter.
Note: If you don't want to have last processed password stored in the INI file set the Read-only attribute on that INI file.

StreamProcessors – number of stream processors (16...256); the default value is 96 (for GeForce 8800GS).

DeleteHashes – this parameter allows removing recovered hashes from the original text file. On the "1" value, the recovered hashes will be deleted; on the "0" value (default) - the hashes will be preserved.


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