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Well this my 2 post on the same topic nearly after 6 month in my last post I have coverred all major hacks related to blogger but there better version of hacks now so in this post you get to know about few updated hacks and few new hacks.

Post Summaries Wordpress Style

The very popular Read More or Expandable summaries hack almost every blogger uses this hack but this hack is quite irritating especially if your using the version in which you have to divide the post into two parts summary and the rest of it, also this version sometimes works and sometimes does not and its hard to implement on a old blogger since you have to divide each post to apply this hack uniformly.

But por RĂ´ Zanchetta @ BloggerShpera has developed a better and best version of this hack which includes automatic summaries+thumbnail of images in your post this hack gives a very professional look to your blog and once you have added this hack to your template it applies to all your post. Here is what am talking about.

But the original post is in Portuguese and Google translate doesn’t work well but Aneesh @ Bloggerplugins has written this hack in a much simple way and has kept all its feature you install this hack form here.

Related Posts Hack

As its name suggests it adds the list of your previous posts under same tag under your post body this certainly useful as you keep the visitor enagaged in your site.

There are many version of this hack but am very impressed by a version Developed by Gagan because it mixxes with nearly all blogs and has a neat presentation and looks amazingly professional.

Now look at the other hacks and hack developed by Gagan

Use this hack

Breadcrumbs for navigation in Blogger

Breadcrumbs make s navigation easy and help the user to move from one Label to another flawlessly, but the term Breadcrumb is itself quite confusing so here is definition of Breadcrumbs from Wikipedia.

Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. It gives users a way to keep track of their location within programs or documents. The term comes from the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale.

As far I remember i saw this hack first developed by Amanda which deals with usual code editing and related stuff but the best about this version is that it will appear in different styles on your different Blog pages.

Use this hack

Recent posts Widget with Thumbnails

This widget was developed by Aneesh this looks very attractive and looks professional you can edit the no of words in summary and thubnails support is good but it show images upload via blogger only.

Use this Hack

SEO for Blogger Blogs

SEO for me seems an endless topic everyone has its own way to describe it but most important thing we should we remember that Content is the King it does not matter that poorly your blog is optimize for search engines but if written good articles than visitor will sure came back to your Blog, also you need to change your Blogging habits for example post at a particular time, so that readers knew exactly when they will have fresh content.

Also you need add some cosmetic to your posts i means you should write post in attractive manner so it should be visually appealing for this recommend you to read these post.


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