How to Earn Money Using Torrents Part 2  

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2. Download a torrent client

This is easy as hell. Go to and download it. You can get either the standalone version or the full install one. I use the full install, but it’s up to you. It doesn’t matter either way.

Once you do, it’s on to step 3!

3. Get a password tool

You can either pay for this, or use your newly acquired torrent client get one. I leave this up to you. I use WinRAR, so if you want to follow the screenshots, I suggest you get that. If you choose to download it via torrent, you can find it on, just search for it.

Scroll down for step 4. We are just about done….

4. Download a popular torrent file and set a password on it!

Finding these is not hard either. On they have a Top 100 list of the most popular torrents per category. I also like’s homepage, since it lists their most popular ones as well.

A good torrent should have hundreds, if not thousands of seeders (usually indicated in a green font) and even more leechers (indicated by a red font). Seeders are people who have the file already, and are uploading it, and leechers are the people who are downloading it. I’ve seen Anime torrents with over 10,000 seeders and leechers before. So the more popular the better.

Download one of these gems, and when you are finished, we need to modify the file.

Here’s how that works. (see below)

A. Right-click on the file and select “Add to archive…”

How to Earn Money Using Torrents

B. Change compression method to “Fastest” and check off “Delete files after archiving”. Then click on the Advanced tab and click “Set password…”
How to Earn Money Using Torrents
C. Create a new folder outside the passworded folder. Now you have a New Folder and a passworded one. Rename the New Folder to look like the passworded one, and then drag the passworded one into it. Also, copy and paste the password here.html file into this folder.

D. Now, do the same procedure for this folder, only this time, DO NOT password protect it. Basically, you have a passworded archive .RAR and an .html file inside a non-passworded archive .RAR file. I think that may be the best way to put it. ?

Last and final step……


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