5 Best Torrent Tracker Scripts To Start Your Own Torrent Site  

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In this article i’ve shared with you some of the best Bittorrent Tracker Scripts in PHP and my experience with each of them in very short so that it helps you in starting your own Torrent Site. This article only concerns private torrent tracker scripts and not the scripts which indexes torrents such as mininova. My highest advice will be if you are starting something with some fresh ideas and and confidence in the venture i recommend spending money and creating your own tracker from ground using something like opentracker which piratebay uses.


Xbtit is developed by Btiteam. It is released under Free BSD license. It is a highly recommended tracker and can certainly be regarded as one of the best available tracker. It even has option of integrating xbtt C++ tracker which is highly efficient. It uses SMF as its forum and the project is actively supported by a large group on members. Its definately the best choice if you want the best free tracker.


Download | Demo

Main Features :

  • Choice Of Tracker (PHP or C++)
  • Template System
  • Choice Of Forum
  • External Mail Server Support
  • Easy Modification Installs
  • Ajax Shoutbox and Poll
  • Cache System
  • Extensive Admin Panel
  • External Tracker Support

Some Live Sites Using Xbtit :

Torrent Strike

It is one of the modded version of original TBDev Script. Torrent Strike has many flavors such as officially supported Nzb, Fullymodded etc, or even some unofficial ones. The script is lightweight good for a starting new site which doesn’t want many hassels. I really don’t like the admin panel and settings are pretty odd. Its recommended to those who want to run a very simple lightweight script.


Download | Demo

Main Features :

  • Template System
  • Poll and Shoutbox
  • Games
  • Embedded phpBB forum
  • Fast Tracker

Some Live Sites Using Torrent Strike :

Template Shares

This script is developed by xam and comes at a premium, its originally based on TBdev, but it has been modded beyond recognition, the script is encoded and released so that it cannot be copied. I have used the script on one of my friends site and also asked what are his views about the script,

I was originally using torrent strike and i mainly transferred to this script as it looks good and supports external scrape, integrated imdb easy plugin system and many other features. Truly saying at first i was very happy with the script but later i realised its pretty security freak script banning every ip, without support of multiple downlaods for same user which really was a drawback to me as i sometimes release torrents in public sites. More over this script uses encoding and has many excess stuffs which are not needed but takes up my whole system ram and processor, its very system heavy. I will not recommend this if you have low budget and can’t get yourself a great server, or if you want a script which you can mod it to suit your needs. I will also not recommend who wants to release torrents in public. Moreover i find the script admin and moderator panel highly complicated. This script is only for sites who wants to have very secure site and lots of restrictions in site, or want to have ssl layer. For a general regular site this isn’t worth investing.


Download | Demo

Main Features :

  • SSl and External Scrape Support
  • Silver, Double And Free Leech Torrent
  • IMDB Support
  • Cronjob
  • Plugins Support
  • Very Secure Admin, Moderator Panel
  • Subtitle Support
  • Easy Paypal Integration
  • Ajax Themation

Some Live Sites Using Template Shares :

PHP MyBittorrent

Main feature of this script is active support or other networks other than bittorrent. This is a recommended script for those who wants their site to have different protocol supported or wants to create public tracker. This is the only script having massive torrent upload and PHPBB3 forum integrated.


Download | Demo

Main Features :

  • Supports all latest BitTorrent Protocol Extensions, including Compact Announce, MultiScrape, DHT, Peer Count, Tracker ID, Unique Peer ID, Backup Tracker
  • There are many ways other than BitTorrent to share files. GNutella, Direct Connect, eDonkey are some of them.
  • Massive Torrent Upload
  • Low Requirements
  • Theme System
  • Easy to Mod
  • phpBB3 Forum Integrated

Some Live Sites Using Php My Bittorrent :

Torrent Trader

This is a classic script, does’nt really have anything special. So i can’t really say for whom the script is, maybe its for those who don’t like the above 4 scripts mentions and liked the settings and system of torrent trader. You need to try it to know.



Main Features :

  • Fully Themable
  • 14 Languages
  • Peerguardian Import Facility
  • IRC Integration
  • RSS Feeds
  • Additional Hacks

Some Live Sites Using Torrent Trader :


There is no summary to this i can’t pin point and say that “this script is for you”, its better you try the script yourselves and check which suits your needs and also your knowledge and you are better off to go with that. But as for general conclusion, i think you should obviously try Xbtit. and if you have money to spare you can go for Templateshares, though i dont think you should opt for that considering its encoded and you can’t suit your needs, but its all about your wishes, maybe you’ll find templateshares better than others. The other script mentiones are also worth trying and lastly it all depends on your needs and your pocket (not only on script but also on the server). There are many other script i haven’t included practically because either they are still in Beta or are ols and are not being developed. Some of them are Yana Scaturi, Gazelle, YAFTC etc.

What you can do next is visit BVList, and check out all options throughly and get recommendations from other users using such scripts.


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