How to easily Resize your Windows Vista Partition? Partition your C Drive  

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There are many products in the market like the legendary Partition Magic - but although it claims to work with Windows Vista, but the fact is that it doesn't does the job that well. So you may be wondering how to resize your existing partitions like c: , d: drives without losing any data. I'll help you out today to do just that and also without the need for any costly programs. I'll explain to you how Windows Vista can be used to manage your partition resizing with it's inbuilt tools.

Here are the easy steps to follow:
  • Hit the Vista Start Button.
  • Right click on Computer and select Manage.
  • If you happen to get an User Account Control[UAC] dialog now - just click Continue(Vista's Inbuilt protection has kicked in).
  • On the left pane, expand the Storage category and click on Disk Management.
  • Now, you'll find all the partitions of your computer listed out. Right click on the partition you'd like to modify(Lets say d:).
  • Select the option Extend Volume or Shrink Volume(Extend - to increase the size or Shrink to reduce the size) of the selected partition.

That's it - you're done. You have now successfully resized your existing Windows Vista Partition.



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