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Posted by T ZAMAN

Okay.. u want to hack runescape...More, u want to get lots of items and get free membership.More... u think its possible!
Well u propably right... but it is almost impossible... so.. i write this cause of lots of ppl tryin to scam.... u are not hacker.. not even programmer so u can be not warn about system on witch Runescape stands.I will not tell u about it cause u wouldn`t have any use from this anyway.
All i say is... if u find someone who says that he can hack Runescape and he can help u with maxxing ur stats or any.... he is a scammer! (plus he sucks like shit to me!!! Like a fucking thief. Lazy, shitty fuck that want to get something by cheating ppl) Never trust ppl who wants ur pass... he will only steal your items (if u are lucky) or changes pass to new, or.. well.. he may sell account (if is good) and u never see ur hero in RS world again.So.. if u really want to trust guy and try your luck, 1stly create new character (with different password!!!) and send it... u will see that nothing gonna change (ur hero will be transpotred to nearest bank).
U can see that i put also one downlowaded program to hack runescape and one classic example of scam.Example1 is just txt file created by guy that have no invention, or idea how to scam. He want u to send him ur login and pass and he will magnanimously max ur account without any charge.. ;) (typical scam like hundreds of others)
Example2 is nice thing.... guy really was thinking.. If downloaded prog has trojan or keylog is easy to check and juz delete it.... this guy was sure, that it will happen... so he created simple program that does actually nothing!!! Great idea.. isn`t it? If u want to be hacked (ur account) u have to manually fill in the window with ur login and pass (with some glyphs that are ... i don`t know what.... juz randomly typed letters and digits... (if u don`t belive it just remember it, change whateva u want and click "Do it!" again.. nothing is gonna change....U send hin this form.. u send only pass to ur account and some useless information. ((like "be scammed on your own reqest"
Thats it..
But if u really, REALLY want to belive that this is possible... send me your username and password to addres and wait couple days... ow.. but first make sure u are at least lvl 50 combat and have many valuables stored in bank!! (best are rune items.. lots of them, and lots of money.. like 50mil should be ok) :)
Good luck in getting everything by your own hard working. :)



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