Unblock Orkut, Unblock MySpace, Bebo, Facebook Login - Unblock Orkut proxyThis is my second article on how to unblock orkut login page when it is rest  

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This is my second article on how to unblock orkut login page when it is restricted by computer administrator. In my first article Unblock Orkut | Orkut Proxy, i mentioned about use of Orkutunblock.com to access or unblock orkut.com login page. Sometimes, even Orkutunblock.com is even blocked by shrewd admins. Hence, i have came with another proxy site to enable you access blocked orkut.com,myspace, facebook, Bebo, Friendster login.

Yes, here i will mention about Proxut.com which i found very good orkut proxy site and working with great speed (unlike other slow orkut proxy sites). I found many orkut and myspace proxy sites but most of them offered low speed. So, i wasn’t able to mention them over here.But, Proxut.com is very cool orkut myspace proxy site.

The main advantage of using Proxut.com is that you can not only bypass orkut restrictions, but also bypass and unblock MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Friendster restrictions. So, if you have restrictions on Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, just go to Proxut.com and start accessing your orkut account.

Steps to use Proxut.com to unblock orkut login page:

1. Go to Proxut.com

2. You will see something like this:

Proxut.com orkut login proxy site
Unblock Orkut login proxy site

3. Simply, enter the site address (www.orkut.com or www.myspace.com ) in text field next to “GO” and hit “GO” .

4. Thats it…Now, you are directed to www.orkut.com and can access unblock your so called “blocked orkut account” from school computer.

I hope this orkut myspace proxy server site will help you in accessing /unblock your orkut account or unblock orkut login page. If you face any problem in using Proxut.com orkut unblocker proxy, please mention in comments section.

Enjoy Orkutting…..


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