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Windows Login through face detection has been present through an original cardboard Indonesia titled FaceLogin. With it, we can control the access rights to login to Windows only to users who have registered to use face detection technology. Thus, any person cannot use a computer / notebook us.

Computer specifications required to run this application is a Windows XP SP2 with 512MB RAM. Of Webcam to capture our face, we should have. In the meantime, FaceLogin not support Windows Vista or Windows 7, but is currently in development to the stage there.

FaceLogin consists of two applications, namely FaceLoginAdmin used to make the registration process, and FaceLogin that will be use when the Windows login process. If you want to know about how to treat it, let see this easy steps.

1. Install FaceLogin through address or The process is easy; just follow the live steps installation.

2. Once already, run FaceLoginAdmin is can be accessed through the [Start]> [All Programs]> [FaceLogin]> [FaceLoginAdmin]. After that, do the activation process with the Installation ID to send an e-mail address After receiving the e-mail reply that contains the activation code and product key, enter the information given to the place the appropriate fields. If true, then the activation process will be successful.

3. after the activation process, there will available a dialog box to enter a password you will use for the application FaceLogin. Enter the password you want. After that, the page will appear FaceLogin main menu consists of Registration, Face registered, Settings, Change Password, About, and Help. On the left, a red button there any posts with "dead". If you want to use FaceLogin into Windows, press the red so the color is green to be any posts with "active".

4. The next step is to make the registration process. Please log in to the Registration menu. Registration on page, on the left side, there are instructions on how the face of right and wrong.

On the right side, there are the buttons to retrieve the face images. Get your face right in the middle of your face so Webcam will at red box. Press the button in the camera to take the top of the front face, and then click the button-shaped at the bottom of the camera to take the sample-sample face. Here was providing for 12 places so that the face of the sample allows you to take a different sample.

If you are around the prevailing lighting conditions often change dramatically, it is advisable to take three samples at the face of normal light conditions when the sample and three-ghostly ghostly atmosphere.

Then, if you use glasses, take three samples at the face you are not using it and three more samples Harry Potter-style tub. If the light in your room is stable, just the three sample faces only that will taken.

5. Enter your username and press the Save button.

6. If you want to see which it has registered in the FaceLogin, you can see it in the face registered. Applications FaceLogin can only store a maximum of three users only. On this page, you can also make changes or the addition of the sample face by choosing a photo or users who want to change, and select the "Change". If you want to delete user data, select the "Delete".

7. After the registration process faces, you can make the level of security in the Settings menu. This feature allows you about how to set and secure face detect easily.

On the settings page, precisely on the left side, there are photos that have been registered users, while the right choice of settings as a way Input Username and security value. Input Username way have two options and the options field.

If you select Options, and later, when the login process, you are requested to select your username in the username-username users who have registered. If you select a field, you must type your username in the username during login. Can be spelled out, the field is safer than options.

8. Next, do the security value of the friction with the security value of the slider at the bottom right. The lower the value, the application is also easy to recognize your face-which means to open the possibility that other people face similar with you as you will be recognized. If the higher value, the position you must face right at the time of detection due process requirements accuracy also high.

For information, the value of security will depend on the lighting conditions so that it can be different for each person-which can have up to 100, which also does not have. However, security should rate between in 80-90. To change it, select the image on the left first, and slide the slider.

After the security value is determined, select the button "Test" to see if you recognize the face value. You can recognize when a bar Authentication face value you pass border security value. If you have a security in accordance with the value that you select, press the "Save"

9. You can change the password that you use the Change Password menu. Enter your old password, then enter new password below. Try your password is a combination of letters and numbers so difficult to other people.

10. If the registration process is complete and FaceLogin has activated, then login at any time via your Windows will face detection process before you can use a computer / notebook you.

If you select the option on the Options menu in the Settings FaceLoginAdmin, you only need to choose your username. However, if you select the option field, type your username and press ENTER.

Get your face in red-boxed, and wait until the bar passes Face Value Authentication limit. However, please note that if FaceLogin difficult to detect your face, you can also use a password to enter FaceLogin as an alternative to Windows


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