The Facebook Through the Ages  

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The Facebook Through the Ages

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Short Desciption: 124 Years of College Humor. In This Issue . . . Maybe ..... 124 Years of College
Humor. 11. Find more F. acebook fun on our website: ...
Content Inside: Vol. CXXIV, No. 2 THE WISE MAN has 3 friends in common with THE FOOL $1 The Facebook Through the Ages Early

Facebookers included the Egyptian pharaohs, who invented The Profile to remember who they (and their friends) were in the

afterlife. April 2006 The Facebook Parody The Facebook originated in the Stone Age practice of cavemen leaving messages on

each others walls. For some variety in their social networks, medieval knights introduced The Poke. The Little Red Facebook

spurred the invention of Groups, to promote party unity. The printing press was a landmark development, allowing commoners to

access The Facebook for the first time. In the modern day, The Facebook is a rallying point for justice and freedom --

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